Neurofeedback Training

Many psychological problems can be associated with under- or over aroused brainwave patterns. What if you could use computerized tools to normalize brain activity (brain waves) that is associated with your problems? Neurofeedback training is a non-invasive technique that assists with alleviating symptoms related to anxiety, OCD, ADHD and a variety of other conditions. By regulating under/over-active brain wave activity, clients are able to bring about the desired behavioural changes.

It is often used in combination with Neurofeedback and Biofeedback; or it is also available as an online counselling and home-based service.

There are different types of Neurofeedback Training modalities and selection protocol selection is based on the client’s need:


  • Power Training 
    Normalizes the over- or under-aroused levels of brain wave activity on specific brain sites that may be related to a client’s specific symptoms.
  • Live Z-score Training 
    Normalizes the over- or under-aroused levels of brain wave activity by focussing on connections and communication between the specific brain-areas that are related to the client’s problems.
  • S-loreta Training
    A technique to observe and train deeper brain structures, which is involved in emotional regulation. This training involves using a cap and training all 19 EEG channels simultaneously. The client sees a 3-dimensional image of his brain and can observe the changes in brain wave activity during training. This enhances processing speed, mental flexibility and information sharing between brain-areas.
  • Infra-slow Fluctuation (ISF) Training 
    It focuses on the very slow frequencies of the brain eg: lower than 1 Hz. These fluctuations/ oscillations are involved in the arousal level of the brain, which is regulated by autonomic nervous system functioning and physiological responses to the environment.
  • Alpha-Theta Training
    The sole purpose is to calm the brain; to assist with deeper inner state relaxation leading to changes in awareness.