Neuropsychological Assessments

Do you require an expert opinion regarding paediatric brain development or challenges due to trauma to the brain; or do you seek recommendations regarding remediation and/or future school prospects? 

    This assessment provides a neuropsychological and -cognitive profile which enables us to:

    • Determine the impact of a traumatic brain injury on a person’s cognitive functioning;
    • Assess neurodevelopmental problems arising from medical negligence like cerebral palsy;
    • Assist the courts and legal counsel to come to an understanding of the person’s current functioning, the expected support they may require; as well as future potential based on their neuropsychological and –cognitive profile;
    • Guide counselling, rehabilitation and training processes after settlement; and to
    • Support family members, as life after brain injury can often be overwhelming.

    Online computerized neuropsychological assessment can be performed to a limited extent and is performed as a screening assessment to:

    • Assist clients who are unable to come into practice with support;
    • Assist medical practitioners with test / re-test reports to determine the outcome of their respective interventions;
    • Make recommendations regarding a more in-depth neurocognitive assessment;
    • Obtain information regarding cognitive vulnerable domains; and to
    • Monitor the impact of Neurofeedback training or other interventions used to assist with cognitive improvement.

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