Psychological Services

Control how you interpret & react to stressors in your environment.

Neuro- and Biofeedback Training

What if you could use computerized tools to normalize brain activity (brain waves) that is associated with your problems?


Brain Mapping/ qEEG: When do I do a qEEG? This assessment provides a neuropsychological & -cognitive profile.

Home & Online Support

This practice provides online counselling, while home-based psychological techniques are also provided.

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Training

Tools for self-empowerment used in combination with psychological services

Your brain’s primary purpose is to maintain an optimum state of balance for effective function and behaviour, which is conducive to health, success and psychological well-being. Dysregulated brainwave activities result in dysregulated behaviour. An over or under-aroused brain cannot focus or attend to tasks effectively. Brain networks become dysregulated by trauma, stress, chemical exposure and even genetics. It results in psychological instabilities and rigid behaviour, behaviour disturbances and inability to cope efficiently with daily stressors.

Gain insight into your brainwave activity and its relation to your symptoms. Learning to self-regulate your brain wave activity leads to improved mental health and flexible behavioural patterns.

Our brainwave activity is mirrored in our daily lives. It is responsible for various psychological symptoms.

Do you struggle with…

Attention, Focus, Concentration & Memory

ADHD & ADD Syndromes

Difficulties to Inhibit Impulses (Impulsiveness)

Emotional Instabilities like Anxiety & Anger Management Problems

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Ruminative & Repetitive Thinking Patterns


Post-traumatic Stress

Insomnia or Dysregulated Sleep Patterns

Chronic Pain Related to Fibromyalgia; Whiplash or Migraine

Learning Problems & –disabilities

General Sub-optimal Performance & Lack of Motivation

Generalized Anxiety & Stress & Inability to Relax

What sets our approach apart?

We combine cutting edge Bio- and Neurofeedback technology with various psychological- and behavioural interventions. This results in a holistic, but individualized approach to your mental health. Improved brain functioning enhances the effectiveness of other psychological interventions, while it provides a tool to monitor the success of other interventions.