Educational Psychologist Specializing in Neuropsychology & Neurofeedback training

What Our Clients Say

Insightful and empowering. NFT astounding results. Interaction with Marina absolutely a pleasure and privilege.

Friendly knowledgeable service. Marina first wanted to make sure that she can actually help before taking the “deal and the possible money on the table”. She referred us to the appropriate care providers and said we don’t really need her services. She wanted to help it was not just about making a buck.


I was referred to Dr Marina van der Ryst as a result of long standing sleeping problems.

This was the most profound intervention in my life and has had positive and permanent outcomes for me. I was able to benefit from her Neuro Feedback Treatment sessions within a secure and comforting environment, and I had the extra benefit of her personal and professional life experience guidance which also changed my attitude and approach to life.

I would, without any hesitation, recommend her Neuro Feedback Therapy treatment and sessions.

Thank you, Marina.

Gideon: Retired, 63 years

Anxiety has a profound effect on one’s life. You fear the future, your family’s safety, failure, all the “but what ifs” you have no control over. Then your body betrays you with unexpected panic attacks. After the neurofeedback sessions, it felt as if a heavy load was lifted from one’s shoulders completely! Your mind and body can deal with any real or perceived crisis/shock, no more overwhelming fear, no more panic attacks.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Dankie Marina!

Marianne, 54 years

During this past year, I have gone through a break-up after a 4 year relationship. Accepting the realities, made me doubt my purpose in every aspect of my life. I felt overwhelmed by a sense of loss. Playing the role of a stable mother has been challenging for me during this phase, but it has taught me many things, both about myself and about the art and science of medicine relating to Neuropsychology. I contacted Dr. Van Der Ryst in desperate need of support and guidance. We started my treatment the following day.

Her expertise and skill did not arise in a vacuum. She has become a great doctor by continuing her education in fields such as Bio-and Neuropsychology and applying these studies to her practice. She has gone beyond what a typical psychologist is expected to know and she sees each patient as a unique individual with unique needs.

Dr van Der Ryst shines in her capacity as a superb facilitator of the human empowerment process. My treatment was compelling, daring, life-changing and provocative. The treatment has challenged my soul-searching and has taken me to new level of happiness, truth and peace. Dr, you reach and help more people than you can ever imagine. Your treatment and support changed my life. It invited me to love myself again and to extend this love to others.

Attorney, 54 years

Sessions for a change in season

This simplifies the sea of words that come to mind reflecting on my sessions with Marina.

Originally consulting her for Adult ADHD therapy, with Neurofeedback Training (NFT), I received much more than I imagined.

My sessions with her resulted in redirecting my whole course. A positive, more purpose driven, fulfilling course I had longed for, but felt unable to set in motion.

NFT prepared the ‘good soil’ of my mind, while Marina’s input with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and objective problem-solving strategies greatly assisted in improving my life skills. I learned to reframe conflict, and developed more realistic expectations of myself, my marriage and life in general. I learned to manage myself emotionally much better than I was able to before and most importantly, I rediscovered the sense of GOOD and Value of LIFE that God places before us daily.

My sessions with Marina (NFT ànd counselling) also ultimately led to my successful change in career, to pursue my passion in work, to accomplish improvements with-in my marriage by managing emotions better; and improved management of stress on other areas of my life.

The investment I made into sessions with Marina, was worth more than I vocalize.

Sincerely grateful, Marizette, age 34.

Breastfeeding consultant, age 34 years