Clinician mentoring forms an integral part of the certification process for Neurofeedback and the quantified EEG. There are two different pathways, which are governed by two different certification boards eg: BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance)and IQCB (International QEEG Certification Board). Mentoring is an ongoing relationship which facilitates the development of the practitioner’s skills needed for clinical practice. This is not a supervisory relationship, and the mentor does not have a legal responsible relationship to the practitioner and his/her clients.

Mentoring differs depending on the type of certification you require, and we will first perform a needs-analysis to ensure that your expectations are met. We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards providing the best possible healthcare to your community. At Dr Marina van der Ryst we are committed to provide excellent educational and mentoring services in various modalities to Neurofeedback providers worldwide.

For me personally, mentoring was the most valuable part of my neurofeedback certification process. The wealth of knowledge and techniques that were shared with me on my route to certification in both these fields, redefined my practice. These invaluable inputs from my mentor-giants facilitated my growth into the position where this wealth of information can now be shared with others.

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