Brain Mapping/qEEG

How do we know in which area your brain wave activity is over- or under aroused; deviant from the norm; or involved in inflexible brain wave activity, which is associated with your undesired symptoms and behaviour? The qEEG (quantitative electro-encephalogram) is a tool that records brain wave activity on 19 sites of the head. This recording is quantified into headmaps, which basically points us to the areas in your brain activity that deviate from the norm (view process). It sets the tone for your treatment strategy as it provides a “map” of your brain. This information, coupled with your presenting problem will direct the Neurofeedback Training to areas of your brain that will benefit from training.

It is often used in combination with Neurofeedback and Biofeedback; or it is also available as an online counselling and home-based service.