Brain Mapping/ qEEG

The Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) otherwise known as brain mapping provides a visual representation of your brain’s electrical activity (EEG) called brainwaves. It is the precursor to Neurofeedback and it’s performed to provide information about your brain’s activity. Electrical impulses are generated when millions of neurons inside your brain communicate with each other. Your brain wave activity can then compared to an age-normed database to determine possible areas of deviant activity.

It cannot be used to diagnose, but assessment results are used to:

  • Provide clinical information about brain function which may be related to symptoms of stress, anxiety, mental inflexibility, dysregulated emotions and other symptoms;
  • Enable you to regulate your brain wave activity better to enhance performance like memory, focus and attention; and to assist with unwanted symptoms related to depression, anxiety and compulsions;
  • Guide selection of appropriate treatment and interventions for your specific needs;
  • Evaluate neurofeedback treatment (or any other intervention) to track changes over the course of training; interventions; or any other support that you have received.

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Brain Mapping/ qEEG