QEEG Reports

QEEG report writing services

When you start to implement the QEEG in your practice, you have the option to make use of our professional report writing services. You can perform the QEEG- recordings at your practice and leave the analysis and recommendations to our experienced experts.

Options available include:

Full QEEG-Report with Expert Analysis:  This individualized QEEG report includes description of the raw EEG with EO and EC that contains specific EEG patterns and how these relate to the clinical symptoms of your client.  Included is advanced analysis techniques such as spike detection, source analysis (sLORETA), comparison to a normative database (qEEG and NeuroGuide), and individualized treatment recommendations for bio / neurofeedback protocols applicable to your client.

Automated QEEG Report: An automated QEEG-report based on the NeuroGuide or QEEG-Database analyses of Eyes Open (EO) and Eyes Closed (EC). This report provides statistical measures of deviance on absolute brain activity from 0.5Hz – 40Hz in 1Hz bins, absolute and relative power, asymmetry, coherence, phase, banded mean frequency and source analysis (sLORETA). Individualized clinician interpretation and neurofeedback protocol suggestions are NOT provided in this option, but a computerized version can be requested. 

If you are interested in obtaining reports,
database assistance or mentoring in
QEEG from Dr Marina van der Ryst,
please contact our offices at admin@drvdryst.co.za