International QEEG Certification Board (IQCB): Certification process

If you have finished your QEEG didactic training, congratulations! This will be one of the highlights in your career. This is certainly no small feat. But now you find yourself ready for mentoring, which is the final requirement for the QEEG certification process.

To receive the QEEG-D or QEEG-T certification, you must demonstrate competency by working with an established mentor, who has earned the status of QEEG-D. You will want to choose a mentor who is also experienced in the field of neurotherapy, who has Neurofeedback training skillsets and can use the type(s) of software you would like to become proficient in. You may use more than one mentor in the certification process.

You will require a minimum of 10 hours of mentoring, online or in person.

You need to: 

  • review 10 client cases, and 
  • present 5 client QEEG reports. For at least two of the cases, the mentee must be observed by the mentor to access their technical expertise, which will including data collection, artifacting and data interpretation, and treatment plan/protocol selection. This is to be done with data the mentee has collected in sessions.

The mentor provides confirmation and referral of the candidate to the International QEEG Certification Board (IQCB) and completes a Mentorship Verification Form.

This site is designed to assist professionals, seeking to become certified in QEEG with the latest information about exam dates and sites, the recommendations for study, and other information about QEEG certification. 

Please visit the IQCB Website:

If you are interested in mentoring with Dr Marina van der Ryst,
contact our offices at admin@drvdryst.co.za
to discuss your goals for mentoring and for any
questions related to the mentoring process.