A non-evasive method of training brainwaves to bring about changes in our mental states; and in turn change undesired behaviour and thought patterns. Types of training include:


  • Power training, which normalizes the excess or deficit brain-wave activities that prevent the client from reaching optimal brain performance.
  • Live Z-score training, which normalizes brainwave patterns and the communication links between brain-areas, while providing continuous feedback on the dynamic states of all Z-scores, utilizing a normative database.
  • S-loreta training, which utilizes mathematical equations where information from surface electrodes is used to observe and train deeper brain structures.
  • Infra-slow Fluctuation (ISF) training, which is a revolutionary and recent development that focuses on the lowest energy (< 1 Hz) the brain produces. Research indicates that it regulates autonomic functioning.
  • Alpha-Theta Training, which is used to calm the brain and to assist with accessing deeper inner states leading to changes in awareness.