Home Support

Which services are provided on the online home-based platform? In what way can I improve my health; my ability to learn; and manage my stress levels if I am unable to come into the practice for some reason? This practice provides online counselling, while home-based psychological techniques provided are listed below.


Relaxation therapies (and home-based support) are interventions that combine well with Bio- and Neurofeedback training and enhance the effect of the biofeedback and neurofeedback. Many of these techniques can be practised at home as it improves autonomic nervous system regulation and reduce the impact of symptoms related to stress and over-arousal.

During home-based support we focus on:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Visualization
  • Mandala Art therapy
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness

Each one can be administered on its own, with good therapeutic effect. However, it can be combined with bio- and neurofeedback devices suitable for home training as a combined treatment package.

Home Training Devices

Devices that are reliable include:

  • The MUSE headband from Myndlift is a headband by which neurofeedback can be performed remotely. It provides the opportunity to monitor sessions online;
  • The Heart Math system used at the practice has a home Heart Rate Variability Training device called the Inner Balance, which works with both iPhone and Android devices;

Providing home support and training in this way creates more flexibility in a long-term treatment plan in cases where you are not able to attend regularly.

Activating Executive Functioning Skills

This program trains parents and children together in order to develop executive thinking skills. It is a hands-on program that educates parents on strategies to activate executive thinking processes; in other words to “switch on” your child’s brain to become higher order, independent thinkers. We use everyday routine home tasks and tools available at home eg: like board games and internet-games (activities that you as a family performs on a daily basis). Guidance is provided on how to utilize these opportunities in a constructive and educational way to facilitate ongoing development of executive thinking skills.